What kind of future do you desire to live?

What kind of game do you desire to play?

Relaxing or exciting?

Retro or futuristic?

Minimalist or hectic?

Natural or technological?

Private or communal?

Easy or hard?

Realistic or fantastical?

Messy or neat?

Utopian or dystopian?

Where do you look for fulfillment?

What will fulfill you? How do you find it?

Can you imagine everything different?

Do you want to escape?

Where would you go?

What does capitalism desire?

Does it desire perfection? Growth? Success? Labor? Efficiency? Freedom?

Does it desire for the community or the individual?

Are communal and individual desires different?

Do you desire for capitalism?

Do you know what you desire?                            

Can you even tell if your desires are yours?

Esthertopia, 2018