I like to obsess about things. I like to think about something until the original thought becomes so abstracted that I stop understanding it.

Titan is a moon of Saturn.  When it rains, giant droplets of methane fall slowly. They land in lakes of methane, methane glaciers or dunes. I think about Titan a lot. I think about how “natural” the ecology of Titan is yet how bizarre it seems to me. I think about how I would feel if I had grown up on Titan. Would I need methane to live? What would methane based life look like? It's fun to imagine Titan. Because on Titan everything is different. It's like imagining a new color.

Have you ever tried to imagine a new color without using any other known color to make it? It's impossible. 

I play video games. Oftentimes I spend entire weekends in my room simulating the life of a housewife on Sims or running through magical forests in World of Warcraft. When I play these games I simulate other realities. I experiment with my desires. My experiments are masked under the pseudonym of play. Because you can play without critique, without consequence. With play you can discover your subconscious. All desires are created equal in video games.


I make slow work. Repetitive work. I give viewers a choice: glance at the work and understand it, or spend time with it and experience it. Given time with my work the viewer begins to play in a space between their physical reality and their mental inhabitants. I invite you to occupy my work and fill it with your thoughts, experiences, and truths.

My practice is experimentation and failure oriented and emerges through obsessive play. I memorize, research, organize, brainstorm, and get messy until I have complicated a truth. By repurposing knowledge and thought I critique the boundaries between conscious//unconscious, utopia//dystopia, science//art, and labor//play.